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ASEAN Renewable Energy Website

In recent years, the ASEAN member states (AMS) made considerable effort to tap the vast renewable energy (RE) resources in the region. Several countries introduced feed-in-tariffs or regulations for RE as well as other supportive policies, for example tax and customs exemptions or tax holidays.


E.Quadrat Energy Experts together with Eclareon GmbH, Berlin were appointed to support the development of the website respectively the guidelines to be published. E.Quadrat Energy Experts contributed technical, economic, financial, and operational support to GIZ and its local consultants.

E.Quadrat Energy Experts are involved in Photovoltaic, Bioenergy and Hydropower the time being:

1. Philippines

Large Solar Photovoltaic Project Development in the Philippines above 100 kW: Click here.Philippines

2. Indonesia

Biomass and Biogas Power Project Development in Indonesia: Click here.indonesia


3. Vietnam

Grid-Connected Agro-Industry Biomass Project Development in Vietnam – in preparation

4. Malaysia

Photovoltaic Project Development in Malaysia – 
in preparation
Hydropower Project Development in Malaysia
 – in preparation