1.000 kW PV roof system at Medline, Kleve, Germany

E.Quadrat initiated the installation of 1.000 kW solar power generation on medicine logistics company Medline's warehouse rooftops in order to reduce the company's electricity costs, and attended to the implementation up till the date of commissioning and afterwards.

About 12.000 square meters of photovoltaic modules generate more than 900.000 kilowatt-hours of solar electricity per year. Photo: Medline

Based on an assessment of the logistics company's electricity demand at the Kleve site, E.Quadrat developed the plant design and launched an invitation to tender for 12.000 m² of photovoltaic modules in May 2016, which was finally awarded to Goldbeck Solar. On behalf of the plant owner, E.Quadrat also was in charge of the contract management and construction site supervision up till commissioning in December 2016 and final acceptance of the plant in April 2017. In the meantime, a search was started for a partner to collect and reimburse the surplus amount of 900.000 kWh of electricity exceeding Medline's own consumption according the the German renewable energies act (EEG). Finally, during the months after commissioning, E.Quadrat has monitored the plant's performance, comparing its actual production figures with the values granted by the manufacturer. In fact, the plant has proved to perform even better than initially expected.

Medline use ca. 40% of the generated solar power themselves for logistics, IT, electric lightning and for operating forklifts and pallet jacks. With the savings made at energy costs, the investment in the PV plant is expected to pay for itself within 8 years. Using electric vehicles for in-house logistics makes a major contribution to this success.